New look, same blog

Hello there everyone, the Travels with Matt Blog is back in action but with a different look this time around. After a lot of thought and consideration, I decided to change the blog’s host and platform into something I feel will not only work better for what I want, but will also be a lot easier for people to access and read.

Consider this more of a retooling instead of a brand new start. I will be adding and updated previous materials from the old platform and eliminating some of the blog posts that were just not that great. I hope with a cleaner and more simple platform, people will enjoy reading and interacting with the new posts as they roll out. 

After getting the old material up and back to where it was, I have a ton of new material coming including more about Japan, talks about Italy, and even some blogs from the Tampa area (my hometown). I may even mix in some of the new material here and there to keep the material fresh and engaging with readers, both old and new. 

So thank you for reading, following along, and rolling with me through the change and reposting of the old stuff as I work to get this blog to where it needs to be!

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