Exploring Tampa: Flatwoods Park

Tampa is my home and there is a lot to see and do and while we are still all staying home and avoiding crowds, I can’t just stay inside all day. Instead, I love to get out and get some fresh air so I decided a week ago to check out a local park to stretch my legs and get some fresh air along the way. Welcome to Flatwoods Park.

Welcome to the first time I have talked about something in my hometown and posted the first video of myself (which I am not a fan of, I hate seeing myself on video, but here we are).

Flatwoods Park is part of the Hillsborough River State Park conservation area that covers a large portion of the county. The park itself is a bicycle’s dream. From the two entrances, the one I used off of Bruce B. Downs Boulevard in New Tampa, has a small parking lot that costs $2 for all day parking and leads to a 2-mile paved path that links up to the 7-mile loop that makes a full circle within the the conservation area.

If you are wanting to find a great biking spot, it is going to be hard to beat this one. 2 miles to the loop, 7 miles on the loop, and paved path, you will have a great place to ride. If you are hiking, there are better spots in the area, but it’s not bad, there are side areas for you to explore.

There is one bathroom at the Bruce B. Downs entrance along with the parking meter and a vending machine. There are water stations along the 7-mile loop so there are spots for a break and water, but take your own, because it is Florida, so water is going to be a key if you are hiking or riding your bike on these trails.

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