My first trip to Japan in 2017: Part I

In 2017 I traveled by myself to Japan. It was the first time I had ever traveled outside of the United States, making it an unreal trip and experience. I wanted to revisit these posts before talking about the trip from 2019 in a two part series (Yep, I returned in 2019 before everything changed).

So a quick trip down memory in a two blog series. I remember being so nervous for this first trip back in 2017. I even had thoughts of just leaving the airport and not going because of the nerves, but I said no, I want, no, I need to do this. See, Japan had been a dream of mine since I was a little child watching Gundam Wing in grade school. Since that time Japan had fascinated me and now I was about to board a plane and head to the land of the rising sun.

It was a whirlwind of a trip filled with nerves and excitement the entire time. I remember sitting in the wrong seat upon getting on the plane on the first leg of the trip, and apologizing to the super nice lady when I was asked to move. The journey was long and tiring since I can’t seem to sleep on a flight and upon landing, I recall just wanting to find my shuttle and limp to my hotel room.

It didn’t even hit me until I woke up the next morning that it was real, I was in Japan. Even checking into the hotel, going out to the Family Mart to find a midnight meal, none of it felt real as the jet lag and lack of sleep took over. But waking up the next day, flipping the TV to find sumo on the first channel I landed on, and see Tokyo Tower out the wind, it all began to sink in. It was real, I was here, and a dream had been fulfilled. I had traveled to a foreign country where they did not speak my language all by myself. Time to explore.

Part two will continue this introduction into my first travels aboard and into Japan from 2017

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