Reflection on my 2019 trip to Japan

There will be tons of blogs ahead of the 2019 trip to Japan and everything myself and two friends saw and did in November 2019 in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. I will also include some things to know before going over there in the future. However with the Covid-19 virus being a global issue, I wanted to put a few words into writing about what is happening.

Covid-19 is real, it’s scary, and it has changed everything. A lot of people have died, a lot of people are sick, and it’s a real threat to every part of life (even just going to the grocery store is a challenge). I have read report after report. Folks can’t even go out to eat or even go get groceries without fearing what could be if you don’t take any precautions. 

One thing that is being affected is travel of course. I understand that travel is probably the least of a lot of peoples worries right now, but it does impact a lot of people and I wanted to say that my friends and I were lucky back in November of 2019. We were lucky to be able to explore a beautiful country, see incredible sites, cities, and embrace a culture we all love and enjoy before everything went sideways.

My thoughts are with our various tour guides including a guy we all grew to love named Yoshi who took us through Shinjuku on a tour. To all the hotel staff, restaurant staffs, train drivers, store clerks, etc. just everyone over there, I hope everyone is safe, continues to say safe, and continues to endure these tough times. A lot of people have been affected by this virus, cancelled their travels, etc. because it’s a real threat. We were luck that we were able to travel, enjoy ourselves, and do so without any issue in the time we did just a few months ago.

I just wanted to post this as I continue to post 2019 trip pictures and posts because I would remiss if I didn’t at least acknowledge how lucky and blessed we were for the trip. While we got to see a lot, now folks are hunkering down, avoiding public or just not traveling over there. It stinks, but it’s the new reality. Hopefully as 2021 continues to progress, the world can begin to get back to some kind of normal, whatever that may be moving forward. 

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