Looking up at Mori Tower

Nothing like standing at the base of the Mori Tower building in Roppongi and getting to look up at one of the more under-rated observation decks in Tokyo. This was taken back in 2019, the second time I got to stare up at this incredible tower and second time I have been able to make it to the top of this tower.

If you are ever in Roppongi, it’s worth stopping here and paying the $12 (USD) to get to the top for the views of not only Roppongi but the Tokyo area (great views of Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower can be seen from here). It is one of the best views of all of Tokyo from a central location. It is amazing and worth the cheap ticket to the top (52 stories up). You will truly get an ideal of how big this amazing city is when you get to the very top.

I will post another blog with views from the top of this beautiful observation deck. Again, it is worth the cost and is a great way to see Tokyo from up high. I hope this tower is able to reopen in the future for tourists as they hopefully begin to make their way back to Japan when things get safer. If I’m able to get to this spot again I will head up to the observation deck once more to take it all in once more.


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