Top 5 Favorite Japan Youtubers

Youtube is quite the platform, full of amazing cat videos and incredible creators. These are some of my favorite Japan Youtube creators that create both informative and entertaining videos that everyone should watch.

Abroad in Japan – With over 2 million followers, Chris Broad “Abroad in Japan”, has one of the biggest Japan-based Youtube channels on the platform. The channel is full of informative and entertaining videos showing different aspects of Japan from food, culture, and geography. Broad even has some very well done documentary style videos that look at many different topics like the Fukushima disaster and life in the region after. His channel is a must see.

Sharla in Japan – Sharla is another entertaining Youtube channel that, like Broad, that looks at many different aspects of Japan, giving you different glimpses of life throughout the country. She travels throughout Japan and even teams up with Broad at times as she shows you her daily life and adventures throughout the country.

Tokyo Lens – Tokyo Lens is the channel of Norm Nakamura who is a musician and epic photographer/filmographer that uses some incredible cameras to film his adventures throughout Japan, showing you different parts of the country that few ever get to see. Norm has some of the best gear I have ever seen and puts together some of the best videos of Japan I have ever seen.

Paolo in Tokyo – Clocking in at 1.9 million subscribers, Paolo in Tokyo has some incredible videos that offer a lot of great information about Japan and of course, mostly of Tokyo. His videos offer you travel information, best places to see, and some of the best food places you will ever find. He also has some great videos that show the day in the life of different peoples and jobs in Tokyo, allowing you to get an idea of what life and work is like in Japan.

Only in Japan – John Daub is another Youtuber that has some of the best videos that show you the ins and outs of life in Japan. He puts together great videos that show you a lot of important and fun places in Japan. He also does a lot of streaming while on the move in Japan, giving you a lot of different views of everyday life in the streets of Japan.

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