Hotel Review: Sotetsu Fresa Inn

When I first visited Japan in 2017, I stayed at the Sotetsu Fresa Inn, a new, 3-star hotel in the heart of Roppongi. I never really wrote down my experience so I thought it would be kind of fun to remember this hotel and maybe provide a future tourist with some information before picking a hotel to stay at in Roppongi.

I stayed at the Sotetsu Fresa Inn in 2017 for 5 nights. At the time I stayed at the hotel, it was brand new. I recall using Google Street View to get an idea of what the outside of the building looked like and it was still under construction.

The hotel itself is an 11-story hotel off of Roppongi-Dori and just a minute walk away from Roppongi Station, putting it in an ideal location.

I arrived after a long flight and remember going up to the third floor to check in, so keep that in mind when you arrive (use the elevators to go up). Check in was smooth, the staff was friendly enough, and explained the hotel layout, breakfast, and other details. The breakfast cost about 1100 Yen (at the time) and was a voucher for the buffet at the SUZU café which was the building right next door to the hotel. The breakfast was not that great so if that is still an option, there are better breakfasts and ways to spend your money around the area.

The rest of the common areas of the hotel are fairly standard. There are vending machines, washers and dryers (coin operated), and a smoking room (if that is your thing). If you are out late, you will need to use your key to access the elevator after hours, so keep that in mind. However if you need assistance, the front desk is staffed 24/7.

The room I stayed in was super small. It was a double room that measured in at 10.1×11.8 meters (squared). It was essentially a large bed and a small amount of room to walk and even less room for a large suitcase. I found myself putting my suitcase and bag on the bed during the times I was awake, allowing for more leg room to stretch out. There was a small fridge, small TV, and a small restroom that came with some toiletries, including soap and shampoo. It was all pretty standard for a business hotel in Tokyo.

Overall, the room was comfortable enough with little thrills. It was simply a place to sleep, recharge the batteries, and prepare for the next day while sipping on a cold beer at the end of a long day. It was reasonable on price (roughly $75 a night for a double room, non-smoking) and would be a spot I would recommend for others in the future.

Side note: I apologize for the lack of video/picture. It was never a thing that I thought about recording and with an old Android phone, getting decent photos was a near impossible task for me.

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