Views from atop Mori Tower

Mori Tower is an incredible place to view all of Tokyo without breaking the bank. It is the biggest tower in the Roppongi area and provides a better view than Tokyo Tower (with more space to explore).

Here is a tip while visiting this tower, when you reach the top observation deck, they will tend to group everyone into one line that is usually for an art display. If you are just going to the observation deck, you don’t have to sit in the long line, just look for the observation deck sign and head there or you will be waiting in line for nothing! Trust me, I’ve done it twice, both times I have visited and it’s a waste of time.

Save yourself the time and just look for the deck and a staff person will check your ticket, allowing you access to this incredible deck. I’m sure things have changed now, but if things begin to return to normal, avoid the line for the art displays and just head to the big observation deck.

Overall, Mori Tower is a great way to start any trip to Tokyo. You get a great view at a low price and are in the middle of a great area in Tokyo, Roppongi. I recommend this place if you want to get a really good idea of how big Tokyo really is. The moment you walk off the elevator you will be in shock. 

Also, if you are looking for a coffee or snack or perhaps even a souvenir, there is a small cafe and a shop at the end of the observation deck, so have your money ready if you are looking to buy a little something.


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