Vibes of Tokyo

I’m going to write a three part series, starting with this one, on the vibe I felt in the three cities we visited while in Japan in 2019: Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. While I didn’t have the luxury of spending a lot of time in each city, I was able to pick up on the vibes of each city along the way and wanted to record my thoughts on each because each one was unique and could be a deciding factor about which one you may want to visit when you head to Japan. 

Again, I am posting these blogs as a way to find some joy during this pandemic. I know travel to Tokyo is not possible for most, but when things begin to return to some kind of normal, perhaps this information will prove useful down the road.

Let’s start with the big one, Tokyo. Tokyo is the city I love the most. It’s huge, busy, vibrant and always in motion. I have never been to another city like it. From the sounds, smells, and overall feeling, it is just a fun city to be in, at least as a traveler. I have been a lot of the biggest cities in the United States like New York City, Boston, Denver, Miami, and so man others, but nothing can hold a candle to Tokyo.

The city is hectic and can be stressful, especially if you get lost or like the average salary man, have to run to the office and work the long hours they do. But it’s that constant moving and energy that gives it that vibrant energy and life. It is always in motion and it is just amazing to me, especially coming from a small home town like I am from.

However, while the city is amazing and always has something going on, I can also see why it may be a little cold at times. Everyone is on their own, heading to their next stop, always moving and not stopping to soak it all in (most have to get to work, so stopping to smell the flowers is not a thing in this city). It’s just how life is in the biggest city on earth. I guess being a blissful traveler, I don’t see how tough living in such a large city can be, but for a visitor, it is amazing.

There are those who hate Tokyo. It’s too busy, too packed, too many tourists, etc., these are some of the most common complaints people have and I get it. However, I love the city. To me the energy, even if it is business at times, is so strong and fun and I can’t get enough of it. The whole city moves, works, and moves like a machine. It’s so different than any US city I have been to and it’s why it is so amazing to me. I can’t wait to return to it and get to feel that rush, seeing it all moving again under those neon lights.

There is just something about the business of the concrete and steel that I love so much.

Next will be a post about the vibes of Kyoto down the road, so stay tuned for that blog post because Kyoto is way different than Tokyo.


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