Found on a stroll down Roppongi-Dori

I wish I knew what this building was. My friend took this picture while we walked along Roppongi-Dori on our way to Shibuya back in 2019 while making our way to Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan.

This was such a cool looking building and I assume it was a restaurant, but we had no idea. Heck, we really couldn’t even see where the entrance was for it. We were making our way from Roppongi Station (down Roppongi-dori) to the Shibuya area. Yes, we walked the entire way to Shibuya Station, it was quite the journey but had to take a quick stop to take a picture of this very old looking building (it looked old, but we could tell it was modern).

If anyone knows what this building is, let me know, it was such a cool old looking building in the middle of the modern city that is Tokyo. This is something I love, just finding random buildings like this in the urban jungle that is Tokyo. So let me know if you know what this is!

3 thoughts on “Found on a stroll down Roppongi-Dori

  1. that’s one of the things I remember about Tokyo, how such a modern city still keeps some more traditional buildings 🙂 this one looks old but interesting, thanks for sharing Matt 🙂 have a great week, PedroL


    1. Thank you for finding it, it looked like some old abandoned building when we walked by. Roppongi during the day is much different than at night.

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