Exploring Meiji Shrine

If you are ever in Japan and Tokyo, make sure to head to Meiji Shrine. There is nothing else like it in the world. It is a green oasis in the middle of the insanity that is Tokyo (especially during these strange times when you need the space to spread out).

It felt great to get to Meiji Shrine again in 2019 after only seeing it briefly back in 2017. The first time I went there it was with a tour group in 2017 and it was a short visit (I think we had 30 minutes total with the tour group). The tour group I was with had to keep to a strict timeline so we only got to stay for a brief period of time before we had to leave. This time around we were able to take our time, walk around, and really visit the shrine area (and take it all in).

When I was there the place was under construction, so it was nice to approach the shrine and not see the construction crews working on it behind the big screens that hid the temple back in 2017. 

It was still as amazing as I remembered years ago and we even got to see something quite rare while we were there. I have more images to show in another post about this place (and I was able to witness, along with my friends, another amazing moment), so please stay tuned for that because Meiji Shrine is a must see in Japan.


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