A venture into Shinjuku

Ah, Shinjuku, a sea of neon lights and amazing restaurants. We did an izakaya tour in the area the first full night we were there in November 2019 and it was simply amazing (hoping it returns to some kind of normal at some point).

From memory lane to Kabukicho and then to Golden Gai, we got to see quite a bit on our first full night in Tokyo. From the crowds to small bars to conversing some drunk Japanese guys (still remember them welcoming us to Japan in their slurred English, so much fun), it was one hell of an evening and a great way to start the trip off.

I mean, deep fried wagyu beef, this is what it is all about when you are able to visit this area. Oh, for those who think the Kabukicho area is “unsafe” well, it is nothing to worry about as long as you are smart and know your surroundings. Our tour group walked around and never once felt any issue. Tokyo is safe, so get out and explore and enjoy the wild nightlife that is Shinjuku (once things return to any kind of normal). I mean, you might see some drunk people, but it is worth the journey into this incredible part of Tokyo.

And if you want our tour group, I booked it through Air Bnb through their experiences. Our host was named Yoshi and provided an incredible tour of these areas. I am linking his tour HERE so check it out. He was incredible, knew the area, highly knowledge, and was very kind. I recommend his tour if you are looking for a fun evening in this area. He knows his stuff, is very accommodating for everyone, and even walked us back to the correct train station at the end of the night. It is worth the cost. I am hoping he is able to return to his guided tours once things begin to get back to some kind of normal down the road (fingers crossed).


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