A wedding at Meiji Shrine

I have been to Meiji Shrine both times I have traveled to Japan and twice, I have been blessed with the incredible opportunity to see a wedding procession while at the Shrine. It is quite something to see if you are able to catch one (if they are still going on these days).

You are allowed to take photos of the procession as long as you remain quiet and stay out of there way. It’s so tranquil to watch the wedding procession walk (in silence) through the shrine grounds as a calm stillness sets in around the usually bustling shrine.

It only last a few moments, but it is amazing to see it walk right by you. It feels so strange to walk around in street clothes and a huge moment in a couples life walks right by you in the middle of a random day. I’m hoping to perhaps see another ceremony when I do return for a third time (hopefully in the near future when things are a lot safer than they are at this point).

If you have ever seen a wedding at the shrine, let me know!

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