A glimpse around Shibuya Station

Welcome to the maze that is the Shibuya Station area. One of the biggest districts in all of Tokyo but one of the most fun areas as well (hoping it can rebound to what it used to be in the image that was taken in 2019).

We made our way to Shibuya during the trip in November 2019, which was only the second time I had walked through the area. Navigating Shibuya Station was tough, but the area was quite the experience, despite being so crowded as is all of the areas in Tokyo.

Side note, finding the JR Service Counter is quite the journey in the station so never be afraid to ask for some directions because you can spend a lot of time walking around (it’s not exactly in the station but kind of one the side of the station, it was a nightmare to find).

We even made our way across the famous Shibuya crossing while a protest group was making some noise in the area (to this day we have no idea what they were protesting about). Just a normal day in Tokyo and the craziness that is Tokyo back before everything changed in 2020.

I am hoping I can return at some point and enjoy it again because it is such an amazing part of Tokyo. There is just so much to take in and see and I feel I missed a lot while we only explored a small part of the area. 


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