Stay connected: Wi-Fi in Japan

Wi-Fi is everything when you are on the move and need information at your finger tips. Here are some tips on getting Wi-Fi access when traveling in Japan.

First and foremost, finding public Wi-Fi in Japan is very hard to do, despite Japan being so tech savvy. While some chain restaurants and hotels have free Wi-Fi in public areas, finding it outside of those spots is going to be a challenge, so these are a few options you can pick from to get web access while on the move.  Note, some hotels may not have Wi-Fi is they are an Air Bnb or a smaller hotel, so make sure to check before you arrive but here other options. Some even offer mobile Wi-Fi units, but you will have to check with your hotel.

The first and best option is to rent a pocket Wi-Fi. You can either rent one and pick it up at the airport or have it delivered to your hotel. There are a lot of websites, has a few of them listed. They are fairly cheap, easy to carry around, and are a great Wi-Fi source. I have used them the two times I have gone to Japan and have never had an issue. Plus you get a paid envelope to mail it back before you head home, making it the easiest way to stay connected. You just have to pick the number of days you will be in Japan and then order away. A helpful tip, if you are having the Wi-Fi mobile router delivered to your hotel, email your hotel to let them to expect some mail to be delivered that is addressed to you. It helps avoid any confusion (or any language barrier issues).

Another option is to either get an increased data plan with your cell phone company or to get sim card that is compatible with your phone. This will give you access to the internet and will allow you to stay connected with your phone without having to worry about a separate  router. Sim cards can be rented at Japanese airports or you can order it ahead of time. Check various websites to find the best deals or where the stalls are to get them. You can either order the sim card before you leave or just pick them up once you arrive in the airport.

These, along with the Wi-Fi routers, are the best way to stay connected while traveling around Japan.


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