Crossing the Shibuya People Scramble

It would not have been a real trip to Japan in 2019 without making our way to Shibuya and crossing the famous Shibuya People Scramble. It was insane and is something you should do (when the world starts to get back to some kind of normal) when you visit Japan.

The people scramble is well known to nearly everyone who has ever visited Japan or watched a movie because it is always featured when a scene takes part in Tokyo.

Right outside of Shibuya Station and near the famous statue of Hachiko, the scramble usually sees around 3000 people per light cycle make their way across the scramble, which is the normal number during daylight hours (before the pandemic of course) and would often total over 200K per day.

If and when things get back to some kind of normal and we are able to travel again, make sure to add this part of Tokyo onto your schedule, even if you only do it in passing from one place to another. It is surreal so see so many people move at one time when crossing a huge intersection. It might even be nice to see people once again (once it gets safer out there of course).


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