TeamLab Borderless

TeamLab Borderless is an amazing art museum that uses a combination of mirrors, lasers, lights, and a lot of creativity that immerses the viewer into all the different works throughout the building. It is quite the experience that everyone should see when they make it to Odaiba.

TeamLab Borderless is quite interesting as the museum goers are allowed to walk freely from display to display and become part of the art as the exhibits are cast on the walls and floors around you. They even specify that there is no set route through all of the displays, encouraging the person to wander from room to room, absorbing everything at your own pace.

Side note, it is pretty dark in the museum and there are a lot of people (probably not as many these day with the restrictions that we all face these days), so watch your step (it makes finding the exit at the end a little tricky) when you are walking through and trying to take pictures.

It’s quite the creative museum that is fun to walk through, but it does get busy, so try to get there a little early and prepare for the crowds. Also, the lamp room has its own line and you only get a few minutes in there because they can only allow a few people in it at a time, so make sure your camera is ready to go when your time is called (soon as the door is shut, that clock is going so get to taking the pictures). Overall, it was a fun experience and is worth a visit if you are making your way to the island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay.

Teamlab Borderless is roughly $30 USD (roughly) per person. When you arrive on the island (at least it was the way it used to be), you would line up and then go in large groups (at a time). You would stand in the group, get the details, and then enter the art display. Make sure to check out the instructions from the Teamlab Borderless website to get the information before you head out.

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