Iconic Mt. Fuji

When you think of Japan landmarks, Mt. Fuji is probably one of the first things that jumps into your mind (aside from like sushi, Samurai, or ninjas, right?).

Here is a picture of legendary Mt. Fuji, taken while riding the Shinkansen back in 2019, while a small town outside of Tokyo flashes by. Images like this just make me love this crazy country even more (and miss it even more). There are so many small towns that are dotted around the countryside outside of the big cities that not many people get a chance to explore. I can’t even imagine how many treasures are out there, just waiting to be found. 

And a note to shinkansen riders, if you want to see Mt. Fuji (or at least get the chance) make sure to sit on the right side of the train when leaving Tokyo (it appears after about an hour into the trip). If you are returning to Tokyo (from Kyoto or another city to the west), sit on the left side to get a chance. As large as the mountain is, weather can make it hard to see so best of luck!

(sorry for the short post today, just wanted to put something up today that was more relaxed than the normal blogs).


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