A glimpse of Japan: Shinjuku street corner

I realize I have a lot of pictures and little stories to share but not every single can make it into a really dedicated feature blog post, so I’m writing these little quick posts for Tuesdays and Thursdays that will share a great image from Japan and recap where and how it was taken, sharing a little bit more of Japan while we all wait for things to get better around the world.

This picture was taken while we are on our way to our first guided (and only guided tour) in Tokyo. We went for a night out exploring Japanese night life and drinking culture at izakayas through Shinjuku and Shibuya. We even made our way through Piss Alley, it was a great evening and probably the best night we had as a group in Japan.

I love this image because it just captures a typical night in Tokyo (when things used to be normal) with the neon lights shining bright, traffic going by, and the people waiting to cross the street. The image is very simple yet captures what a night out in Tokyo kind of looks like. Everything is alive and moving. It’s little things like this that I love and remember the most.

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