A glimpse of Japan: A cool building in Roppongi

Walking down any street in Tokyo and you are bound to find something unique down every corner. I found one of these interesting buildings in Roppongi in 2019.

We found this building while on a hike from Roppongi to Shibuya Station. Yes, on the second day of my trip to Japan in 2019, along with my friends, we decided to walk from Roppongi to Shibuya Station. It was done to take in a lot of the city on the street level and were were able to find all kinds of unique and odd store fronts and back streets, including this buildings for Room 39.

From all I have read, Room 39 is a restaurant/bar/night life spot in the area. From everything I have seen online it has some reasonable prices and live entertainment, which is always nice. However, it was the outside of the building that caught out eyes as we walked to the station.

While most of Roppongi stands with modern, tall buildings, Room 39 looks like an old, ancient building that has been dropped into the area. It looks out of place and looked like a building that would house a couple of ninja that would pop out at any moment if we hung around the building too long, looking around.

Always look around when you are exploring around Tokyo and other cities, look for those unique buildings, they always have a story behind them.

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