Hotel Review: Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka

Time for another hotel to review that I stayed in 2019, the Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka (Namba area) which might have been the nicest hotel of the entire trip to Japan (and one of the nicest hotels I have seen while in Japan).

Fraser Residence is located just about 10 minutes walk from Namba Station, so it’s pretty easy to get to after leaving the station. The hotel itself is probably one of the nicest I have ever seen in Japan. The staff are super friendly and spoke perfect English. The lobby is spotless and connected to a restaurant (this may have changed since the Covid restrictions), so it’s easy to find breakfast in the early morning (although the breakfast was not that great to be honest. There are better place, but it wasn’t the worst either).

The rooms themselves are huge when compared to most Japanese hotels. Our room was a small apartment that had it’s own living room, kitchen, washer/dryer, and a separate bedroom with closing door. It was unreal I mean, a small kitchen? Washer and dryer? These are things you will never find in a hotel, even back in the US. It was something that you won’t find easily in Tokyo. Yes, it did cost more than your basic budget hotel, but it was worth the cost (at just over $100 a night for the room for two people).

The only problem was the bed, it wasn’t the softest, but it still worked for what I needed, so it is a first world problem compared to the rest of the hotel. It was simply incredible and being located in Namba, it was a 5 minute walk to Dotonbori and everything that area provides, making it a perfect spot in a great area of downtown Osaka to explore everything. The three of us were able to kick back on the couches at the end of the night and just relax, with room to spare.

This hotel will probably run you about $150 or more (USD) a night but if you are looking for an extended stay, want the space, and the amenities like doing your laundry or even being able to cook your own meal, you won’t find a nicer hotel in a great location.

Overall this is a very nice hotel. It is well kept, the rooms are mini apartments, which gives you more freedom than any other room and the location is top notch (along with the great staff). Yes, these rooms do cost more than the standard Japanese hotel, but this is one time that you get for what you pay for.

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