A glimpse of Japan: The cocoon building

If you are exploring Tokyo and especially the Shinjuku area, then you will notice a strange building that just looks like an alien ship just dropped it right off in the middle of the city. Say hello to the cocoon building of Tokyo.

The Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, built in 2006, is a 50-story tall building in the heart of Shinjuku that is home to multiple educational institutions in the middle of the downtown area. The building has gained a lot of attention for its unique design that resembles a cocoon that looks like it wraps around another building that was there before.

While the building is not really a tourist attraction (not an observation deck to speak of) the building is still very iconic in the middle of downtown Shinjuku and is a great photo opportunity when you are visiting the area. If you are looking for the best time to take a picture of this iconic building, I would recommend to take it at night. Shinjuku and its neon lights come to life during this time, providing you with the best time of the day to capture an image (and then explore the area for a fun night).

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