A glimpse of Japan: The lantern room

Teamlab Borderless is a unique museum over on Odaiba, a man-made island in the heart of Tokyo Bay. It’s famous Lantern Room is incredible, but it comes with a little warning label.

The museum is incredible with the walls and floors moving with each art piece. It is a lot of fun and the ability to freely explore make it incredible but there is that note about the lantern room. The room is a smaller part of the museum that requires people to que up in a line to wait their return to enter the room, so it can take some time.

Once you enter the room, you only have about a minute or so to explore the display with the lanterns hanging at various levels and reflecting off of the mirrored walls and floor. It is quite trippy, so just be ready for that. There is a person inside to make sure you don’t touch anything or run into the lanterns. There is a set path to follow, so stay on that and take the pictures as quickly as you can. Once your time is up, it’s out the door and the next group enters.

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