5 great things about traveling solo

In 2017, I was graced with the incredible opportunity to travel by myself for the first time out of the United States and made my way to Japan. It was both frightening and a ton of fun along the way, so I wanted to put together a few blogs to talk about some of the great things I witnessed while traveling solo but will also have another post to talk about the downfalls I faced while traveling on my own.

So here are some of the best things I experienced while traveling solo.

Set your own schedule – When you are traveling on your own, you get to make your own schedule. I am usually an early riser, so I took advantage of this every day, getting up early to explore the quiet early morning Tokyo streets. Book it heavy or light, sleep in and stay up late, it’s all your choice. It’s a lot of fun and allows you a lot of personal freedom.

Get to freely explore – To add to your own schedule part of traveling solo, you get to explore wherever you want. You get the chance to see everything you want and not have to compromise along the way. It sounds selfish, but if you are flying solo, selfish is the way to go, right? For example, if you want to wander around the Meiji Shrine area for hours, go for it, there is no schedule set so do whatever you want to do.

Make your own calls -You are your won boss, you make the calls when you are on your own while traveling. If you are tired and just want to head back to the hotel and call it a night, it’s your call. All the decisions on what you want to do and where to be at what time, it all falls on your shoulders, you are the decision maker.

Makes you grow up fast – By making your own calls it also does something to you on a personal level, it forces you to grow up fast. For me, I had never traveled out of the country so this was a baptism by fire (foreign country where I didn’t speak the language). I was all alone, so if I made a bad call, there was no one else to blame. You grow up real fast when pressured and forced to rely on yourself every day while traveling.

Learn about yourself – And to piggy back off of growing up fast, you also learn a lot about yourself when traveling on your own. You get to realize what is important to you, how to rise up and be an adult and make the right decisions, and just be able to have fun without having to really worry too much about any kind of restrictions or worries. You really get a sense of what is important and what you can and cannot do.

Traveling solo is something I suggest for everyone and it doesn’t have to be halfway around the world. Explore your own town or area, just explore and don’t be afraid to do it yourself.

However, with all of this said, there are some things that are not so great about traveling on your own. Stay tuned for that blog.

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