A glimpse of Japan: Drinking in Shinjuku

There are a lot of amazing places to eat and drink throughout Tokyo, but sometimes it is the unknown ones that are the most fun. This happened to us on our second official night in Tokyo way back in 2019 with a group tour of the Shinjuku nightlife.

This was one of our group tours in 2019 via Air Bnb Experiences that had us go with a guide throughout the Shinjuku area at night, stopping at several restaurants, eating and drinking along the way. This was probably one of the best evenings and the random people that joined up with us (many on break from South Korea) were super friendly, talkative, and made for a relaxed setting as we all had a great evening learning about the night life of the famous Shinjuku area. Seriously, some of these people felt like old friends we had known for years.

Our tour guide, Yoshi, led us to Memory Lane to end the evening and we all crammed into this little bar down one of the narrow alleys, had one last drink, before all heading our separate ways. It was a great evening, even if we all had a little too much to drink and eat, but it was a great memory from Tokyo.

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