A glimpse of Japan: Riding on the bullet train

Riding the bullet train is a ton of fun and is the easiest way to get around Japan. These trains run smoothly and are never late. I wish the United States could build something like this, but that is just a fantasy.

If you have ever been to Japan and rode the bullet trains, then you will know how amazing they are. While many prefer to fly, taking the bullet train in Japan is the way to go and is such a unique experience. As stated before, they are fast and always on time (you can set your watch by it). We took the Hikrai from Tokyo to Kyoto and Osaka back in 2019 and it was a wonderful part of the trip.

Just remember when you are riding the train, make sure you have your ticket or JR Rail Pass ready at all times as the conductor or even the security guard will ask to verify your ticket. And when your train does go through the tunnels, you will feel your ears pop, which is pretty wild for a train ride, but that is what happens when you are flying across the country at over 130 MPH.

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