Final verdict: Solo travel vs. group travel

I have listed all of the positives and negatives for both traveling by yourself and the ups and downs with traveling with a group. So what is the answer? Is it better to travel on your own or to travel with a group? The answer, at least to me, is not that simple.

I have written the positive and negatives about both traveling on your own compared to with a group of couple and the answer (which is better) is, it depends on the person. There is not one definitive answer that can answer the question for everyone.

Not every person is wired the same. There are some that thrive on traveling on their own. They love the freedom and don’t need a single person around them to live their best lives. Then there are others that would love a group to travel with and share with all of the joys of traveling around the world and taking in all the sites. The answer is it just depends on the individual and what path they want to choose. There are points for both sides so it comes down to your own personal decision. 

Myself? I find that I can travel either way, both on my own or with people. On my own though, I was a lot more nervous when I traveled but it was also the first time I had left the country so it was a little scary (it was quite the way to travel outside the US for the first time). As I have stated before, I was a few steps away from leaving the airport and just heading home, leaving it all out there (and wasting the money in the process).

I had a lot more fun traveling with others. We are all good friends, have known each other for years, and could connect super quickly throughout the trip. I mean at times we were all using Google to find our way around as some of our phones just could never figure out where we were headed. We had to adjust to each other through the trip, but it was fun and I wish I could do it again (when things would get safer of course).

I hope these blogs can help you identify what path can work best for you (once things get a lot safer to travel around). Maybe you are thinking about flying solo, but perhaps I have made you think about it a little bit more. Or perhaps you are working on a large group plan, but now are rethinking what will work out the best. Any kind of information I can add to the conversation I am glad to do so and if you have questions, feel free to ask me!

No matter your choice, do what will make you the happiest. Remember, when you are booking a trip, it is your trip. Do and make whatever plans are going to work best for you to make the most of your trip. 

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