A glimpse of Japan: A temple and nature

A part of Tofukuji Temple that I love is how connected it is to nature and how the modern built structures have been built in and around the surrounding area.

As a Zen temple complex, Tofukuji has a lot of nature throughout the temple grounds including beautiful trees and other plants. The picture above is a small little stream that runs through the area. The bridge in the distance is actually the main entrance into the temple grounds that you cross before entering the grounds. The area the picture was taken was another bridge that looks across at the entrance.

What was so incredible was the absolute silence in the air. When you walked into this area of green and changing leaf colors (it was November), you would quickly notice how quiet everyone would get. Everyone was taking in the sights and just felt it was a place to be quiet in. It felt like something out of a movie to be on that spot, only hearing the wind, the creek, and the creaking of the wooden bridge as people walked across.

I hope I can return to this exact same spot very soon in Kyoto to capture images like this again.

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