Restaurant review: Cappy’s Pizza

This is my first restaurant review from my own backyard of Tampa, Florida. I decided to start with a favorite spot of mine, Cappy’s Pizza. 

Cappy’s Pizza is a small, local chain of pizza restaurants that has 5 spots throughout the Bay area. They are located in Brandon, St. Petersburg, South Tampa, Seminole Heights, and my backyard of New Tampa. 

These small restaurants specialize in New York and Chicago style pizzas and only have a limited menu to accompany the pizzas. Salads, bread sticks, and calzones are the only other items they carry, but if you are going to Cappy’s, you are going for the pizza that is always made to order and is always delicious. The New Tampa location also serves lunch specials as well, something the others do not (and have very good prices). 

Cappy’s makes some of the best pizza in town (as far as I am concerned). They are not the cheapest places, so if you are on a budget in the Tampa area, they could be a little expensive, but to me, it’s worth the price. Their menu is simple and it’s simply because they know how to make a good pizza and I would compare it to any other pizza in town that thinks they are on the same level.

This Cappy’s is located in New Tampa, so just a little bit north of USF and south of I-75, in a shopping plaza. It’s a small restaurant that can get quite busy on weekends (during normal times) but their to-go service is quick and great, so if you are looking for some of the best pizza in the North/New Tampa area, Cappy’s is your best bet. 

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