Hotel Review: The Gate Hotel by Kaminarimon by HULIC

The Gate Hotel by Kaminarimon in Asakusa, Tokyo is one of the nicer hotels I have stayed in while visiting Tokyo. It is also right across the street from Sensoji Temple, putting it in an ideal location for any tourist wanting to explore this part of Tokyo.

To get this post started, let’s talk about The Gate Hotel’s location. The hotel overlooks Sensoji Temple and is located in the middle of an area surrounded by both restaurants and shops. When you arrive, you will need to take the elevator to the 3rd floor to find the check-in desk and when you at the lobby, the sitting area has a great view of Tokyo Skytree (as seen above), so make sure to get a great picture before you head up to your room. The front desk staff was fantastic and the ladies I spoke with spoke incredible English, which made check in super easy during the check-in process.

The hotel itself is spotless, clean, and very modern. Our room was a good size, but the green carpeting was a little dated. However, the bathroom and shower made up for it. The shower room was huge and gave you a ton of space, which is not common in most Japanese hotels.

The beds again were an issue with the pillows being a little thin again, but that is to be expected on the road. Also in our room there was a strange egg light in the corner that was kind of neat, but also made us wonder why it was there in the first place (it became a fun joke for a few days). The hotel also has a restaurant and bar inside with views of Tokyo Skytree, so it is a good place for an early meal or a beverage at the end of the day. The bar faces Skytree and has an outdoor seating area, so take advantage of that

Overall, it was a very clean hotel, our room was very nice, and the entire area is very nice and right next to a bunch of must see sites in Tokyo. I would not mind staying at this hotel again the next I make my way back to Japan.

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