A glimpse of Japan: Art is everywhere

Strolling through the Asakusa area in Tokyo early in the morning, before anyone is up and about, and you will find some really interesting art work as you make your way through the empty streets.

The small businesses in the Asakusa area near Sensoji Temple all close down for the evenings and most pull down the metal shutters after closing up for the day. Many of them have art displays painted on them that depict traditional Japanese art work and legendary creatures. I am not sure if a frog breathing fire with a person standing behind them is some kind of legend or children’s story in Japan, but it looks pretty darn interesting.

It’s just a little thing I love about Japan is all of the day to day things that are often overlooked but are still incredible like the art. To most, it’s just another day in Tokyo, but to me they are incredible reflections of the culture and history of the country that are simply added to everyday life.

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