A glimpse of Japan: What the future holds

Robot Restaurant and other nightlife venues have either been shut down or changed forever due to the pandemic. And with new restrictions and lockdowns around Japan, I wonder how places like this will be once things begin to reopen (if they do return).

Robot Restaurant is a neon filled dance show that has been a fixture of the Shinjuku night life for years but now with the pandemic, it stands closed. And with new restrictions coming as the virus continues to alter life around the world, I look back at these pictures and just wonder what the future holds. Will crazy places like this be able to return and survive? Will people return to them or, after a year (and more) of being away, will people want to return? Will people want to return to a closed in setting like that?

I also wonder how the workers that either staff or performed at these places are doing. Have they found work, how are they making a living and will they be able to return to these sites in the future? I hope these hard working people have been able to find income and stay safe and healthy during this insane time. I’m not alone at these questions and just ponder how the Tokyo night life is going to look in the future. I hope that night spots like Shinjuku are able to return and sooner rather than later.

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