How to get from Kyoto to Osaka

Kyoto and Osaka are located very close to one another, making it easy to get from one city to the other. But just how easy is it to get from one to the other and how much does it actually cost? Here are some easy ways on how to get from Kyoto to Osaka.

The easiest way to get from Kyoto to Osaka is to take the shinkansen from Kyoto Station to Shin-Osaka Station (the major shinkansen hub for Osaka). It is only a 12 minute ride, making it super quick and easy but will set you back about 1420 Yen ( close to $20 USD) but that isn’t too bad. However if you have the JR Rail Pass, the ride is free (included with the JR Rail pass cost), so make sure to take advantage of that if you are wanting to escape Kyoto and all of its shrines and head into a larger city (and always note that the JR Rail Pass is for foreign travelers only).

There is the special rapid service on the JR Kyoto Line that leaves from Kyoto Station and takes you to Osaka Station. The route will take about 29 minutes and cost about 560 Yen, so it will be a cheaper option compared to the Shinkansen, especially if you do not have the JR Rail Pass and want to save a few pennies along the way (it is a little bit slower so be prepared for that).

There is the Keihan Mainline that can take you from Sanjo Station to Yodoyabashi Station in about 55 minutes at the cost of 410 Yen. It’s another cheap option but again it will take you a little bit longer to get into Osaka.

Lastly there is the Hankyu Line that will take about 40 minutes and 400 Yen and will take you to Osaka-Umeda Station, which is actually not that bad because it is right next to Shin-Osaka Station (and not as insane when comparing train stations).

(Times and prices via, make sure to check prices and times before preparing for your trip).

You can always get a cab (but be prepared to spend a lot of money) or take a bus, but the Japanese trains are the fastest and cheapest ways to get from Kyoto into Osaka. The trains are always on time and are always a good choice when you are traveling around the country.

So make a plan and make sure you make your way from Kyoto to Osaka to see more of Japan. You will not be disappointed as both cities are worth seeing and exploring.

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