A glimpse of Japan: The start

Starting a trip in a foreign country like Japan is quite unique (as it is for most trips I’m sure). It’s a combination of many emotions that all come together as you leave the airport that are unlike anything else you can experience.

After a 12 hour flight with no sleep, jet lag setting in, and an hour to go before you are even in Tokyo, fatigue is probably the only thing on your mind. However, there is something about leaving the airport in Japan and realizing that a dream trip is now here, the reality begins to set in. You are on Japanese soil, breathing fresh air, and have an adventure ahead of you. That feeling of fatigue goes away pretty quickly as the excitement, anxiety, and other emotions all begin to kick in at this point.

When you arrive to your destination, do you get that strange mix of feelings? The mixture of excitement, fear, anxiety, and joy all on top of the fatigue? It’s a weird feeling, but its kind of fun and something that I miss (and I know I am not alone). Let’s hope the world can continue to get back to some kind of normal so those feelings can return to us all (just hopefully not all the jet lag though, that is the worst).

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