5 restaurant experiences to try in Tokyo

There are a lot of amazing restaurants, both big and small, to experience while exploring Tokyo. Here are five that are a must when you visit Japan. They are sure to fit any appetite and budget, no matter what you are looking for.

Izakayas – There is nothing better than an izakaya. They are small restaurants that sell cheap beer and a variety of meats that are on skewers and grilled over charcoal. They are everywhere in Tokyo, just look for the side streets or under the train stations. They are favorite spots for business men or those looking for a cheap and delicious meal on a budget at the end of a work day. I love one called Kushimura in Roppongi that is worth a stop if you are in that part of Tokyo.

Ichiran ramen – My favorite, fast food ramen that involves a vending machine and never having to see or deal with a person. Ichiran is a chain of ramen shops that makes the eater order from a vending machine and then makes them eat from a personal booth. Seems kind of antisocial (not so bad in Covid these days), but it’s really a great way to get a cheap and delicious bowl of ramen. It is worth the experience as well because it is very unique to Japan. They are incredible little restaurants.

Sushi – You will not find a California roll in Japan and thank goodness for that. Even though Tsukiji Market is closed, the market is still open outside, so if you want a sushi breakfast, you can find your fix there. After that, you will have your pick of whatever sushi you want, from Michelin quality restaurants to conveyor-belt restaurants that charge bye the plate. No matter where you go throughout Tokyo, if you are looking for sushi, you will find whatever your heart desires.

Steak – If you love a good steak, Japan is the place to go because of Wagyu, the best beef you will ever eat. There are tons of restaurants that carry it, so many different cuts of meat, and so many types of Wagyu, you will have plenty of options. Most will think of the 5-star restaurants where they sell the top steak restaurants, but there are also all you can eat options throughout Tokyo as well. Just find what version you want and then get your stomach and wallet ready.

No name restaurants – There are a lot of restaurants throughout Tokyo and Japan that just don’t seem to have a name. Either it’s a random stall or building or perhaps you just don’t know the Kanji on the sign, but that’s the fun of it. So many small restaurants that don’t have a big name on the door are often the best ones (and have the best food). Explore, don’t be afraid. You can often find some of the most amazing food and people are these small places that are not on your Google search.

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