A glimpse of Japan: Avoid travel for now

Per the reports from the United States, US citizens are being encouraged not travel to Japan at this time due to the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic that is still a major issue in Japan.

It was noted a few days ago that US citizens should avoid travel to Japan due to the ongoing and increasing Corona virus levels throughout Japan, which comes just a few months before the much disputed Olympics are set to begin.

While it is not an official travel ban, it is still a big warning to US citizens to avoid travel during these tough times and sadly, it’s the right call and something that has been going on for some time. Things (from what I have been able to read about the pandemic and slow virus roll out in Japan) are not moving well enough in Japan, especially for people to travel in mass when things are not in check. Traveling there not only can put you at risk but puts a strain on the Japanese healthcare system that is already stressed out.

Be smart, avoid travel right now and if you are even thinking about the Olympics (aka, traveling over to Japan to see them), rethink it and do some research on that current situation in Japan itself. Trust science and the doctors instead of what the IOC or promoters are trying to push.

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