Things to do around Sensoji Temple

There are a lot of things to do around the Sensoji Temple area, aside from taking pictures around the shrine or offering up a prayers inside the temple itself. Here are some fun things to do while visiting Tokyo’s most popular temple complex.

Get your fortune told – Outside of the main temple complex are the omikuji fortunes. You pay just 100 Yen to then shake a cylinder to get a numbered piece of bamboo which will then correspond to a designated box where you can read your fortune. If you have a good fortune, you can take it with you. If it’s bad, you are encouraged to tie it to the metal stands all around to pray away the bad luck to have a better year.

Shop – Sensoji Temple is one of the best places to buy souvenirs for all of your loved ones (or just for yourself). There are a ton of vendors throughout the area including Nakamise Street. From souvenirs to great little food stands, Nakamise street is a busy and vibrant area to shop and browse. But don’t forget to explore the backstreets around the area to find even better deals (and less crowds).

Picture central – Japan is known for having some of the most picturesque buildings, temples, and shrines and Sensoji is among the top of list for anyone with a camera. With the beautiful shrines, temples, and areas all around, you will have plenty of spots to pick from. Just walk down any back street and bring your camera along.

Explore – The entire area around Sensoji is worth exploring. There are tons of shops and places to visit inside and out of the temple complex. Some of the best stores and places to visit are just around the temple complex along the back streets. And if you are looking to escape the temple area, Tokyo Skytree is just across the Sumida Rivera long with a beautiful park that you can explore.

There is a lot to do and see, so make sure to plan your timely wisely!

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