How to avoid crows at Tokyo Skytree

During normal times, Tokyo Skytree is one of the busiest spots in all of Japan for both locals and tourists alike. Crowds form early and often to make their way up to the top, but there are some ways to avoid the crowds whenever you head to this Tokyo landmark.

The first tip to avoid standing in the lines is to purchase your tickets online. If you are a foreign tourist, there are plenty of websites that will cater to you, allowing you to buy tickets in advance so you can get to the front a lot faster and avoid the long crowds. The tickets will also you to select your day, which leads me to my next point.

Next, go during the less busy days like during the work week (and avoid the weekends). Most tourists and the locals tend to head to Tokyo Skytree on the weekends and on major holidays, so do a little homework and avoid those days. When you see pictures of the lines that snake all around the area, those are usually on weekend, so avoid those days.

Another way to avoid big crowds while avoiding the busiest days is to go at times that many would not. Try early morning, late evenings, or during the middle of a work day. Going at various times that are not the typical windows for tourists will help you get up the tower and allow you plenty of room to take it all in while avoiding the large crowds. Going on an early morning to get a picture of the sunrise is quite incredible, so set that alarm clock and get up a little earlier than usual.

Tokyo Skytree is always busy (when things were normal), there is no escaping it all. However, if you take some of these little tips, you may avoid the biggest crowds and be able to explore around the observation decks more freely without having to deal with the large crowds.

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