A glimpse of Japan: Atop the trees

The landscape and traditional homes that surround Tofukuji Temple in Kyoto, Japan make it probably one of my favorite temples I have ever been to in Japan.

I have talked a lot about this incredible temple complex because I fell in love with it all the way back in 2019 (a different world back then). Because it is in Kyoto and far away from the large crowds, the temple has a different feeling to it. It feels more tranquil and connected to nature than other places do.

The different paths and bridges that are woven into the forest areas of the temple are simply incredible and bring you a sense of calm and relaxation even while others make their way through the complex, taking pictures along the way.

I also think the time of the year plays into this feeling. We visited in November as the leaves were just beginning to turn color. As someone who comes from a state in the US that doesn’t have real seasons or changing leaf colors, it was majestic to see and all of it up so close as well. I missing a lot and hope I can return to this bit of nature and tranquility in the future (once things begin to get back to normal).

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