A glimpse of Japan: Getting around

If you have visited Tokyo before (during normal times) then you have either seen, heard, or driven the go-karts around the streets of Tokyo dressed as a Mario character.

The go-kart tours have been a tourist favorite in Tokyo for years now but with the pandemic, I am sure those little engines have been quiet lately. And while I’m sure the locals are glad they are not zipping around the streets, it does feel like a little part of the insanity that is Tokyo is missing these days without them.

I continue to hope that at some point everyone is able to travel freely, especially to Tokyo and beyond. I have plans to return to Japan at some point but will wait until it is much safer of course but seeing the go-kart image just reminds of what it used to be like while exploring the streets. I’m hoping when people are able to travel again (safely) that the high pitch hum of those engines will be heard as Mario and his friends go riding by in Tokyo.

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