Blogs return next week

The blogs will be returning next week after a little bit of a break these past few days. While I haven’t been able to get half the work done I wanted to, I decided I should at least get some posts up while I work on things on the site.

It has been a long week with work, computer issues, and just every day life getting in the way (but what else is new for everyone else, right). The site needs a lot of work to get it where I want it, but while I work through that when I have time, I can still get some posts up.

However, I will not be posting as much as I did before. I’ll be going with around three posts a week, instead of the five I had been doing before. Posting too much is just not good, it is not sustainable, I am not happy with some of the posts that are going up on the site, and trying to keeping that pace is not good for my health. So I’m going to throttle it down just a bit and work on quality over quantity.

I will also get some new posts on the site moving forward, it will just be a process (as is everything in the blogging world). So thank you for reading along and I can’t wait for you to see the changes as they come to the blog. There are big things ahead for this little corner of the website, so thank you again for taking a few minutes to share a few minutes of your day to visit my site.

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