Exploring Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle is a must see when you visit Japan and the incredible city of Osaka. The imposing castle has a lot of history that surrounds it and stands as a landmark of the city.

The Osaka Castle was originally built in the former site of the Ishiyama Hongangji site, which was the original site of a sect of warrior monks. The original castle was torn down and then rebuilt in 1655 but that one was struck by lightning and was rebuilt in 1931. Osaka was heavily bombed in World War II, but the castle survived and was even updated with an elevator in 1997 to bring it up to standards with the modern world.

The castle grounds are a large, sprawling complex that are filled with various buildings, walls, and moats that give you a real sense of how big a castle would have been during the ancient times. The grounds are free to explore but the actual castle itself, which is now a museum, cost roughly 600 Yen to enter if you want to see the artifacts and get a higher view of the city (check before you visit to see the times and costs to see the museum).

The castle building itself is open from 9:00 to 17:00, but make sure to check the times and cost because they may have changed since I visited in 2019 and of course with all of the Covid restrictions and changes.

The castle grounds are a must see. Trust me the size of the walls and gates are breath taking to witness firsthand. It really makes you imagine how really insane it must have been to think you could attack a castle like and attempt to succeed (back in the ancient times). I’m glad I didn’t live during those times and had to take part on an attack (would have made for a large day).

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