5 things to know when you land in Japan

It’s been a long flight, you are tired, jet lag is setting in, and all you want to do is pass out. However, there are a few things you need to do the moment you land in Japan, so try to remember these before your plane lands and it will make life a lot easier.

Have money when you land – Exchange rates can often be better in your home country or at your airport, so it might be a good idea to get some Yen before you land in Japan. Plus when you land, you may not have enough time to exchange cash in the airports (shuttle schedules, jet lag, etc.), so just keep that in mind before the plane touches down and have that cash in hand and ready to go.

Get connected to the Wi-Fi – Internet is life, right? Well, have your Wi-Fi set up and planned ahead of time. You can pay to have the pocket Wi-Fi either at the airport to pick up or delivered to your hotel ahead of time. You cannot rely on public Wi-Fi in Tokyo (and Japan in general) outside of your hotel, so have your plans in place so you can get connected and stay informed while on your travels.

Have transportation lined up – It is important to know how you are going to get from your airport (Haneda or Narita) into Tokyo. Make sure you have your transportation lined up before you even land. Yes, you can find transportation once you have landed, but often there will be lines, it can cost more, and takes more time. So do the work ahead and schedule and have that part of the trip lined up.

Have paperwork ready – When you land, you will need to have your information in line like immigration and such. So before your plane lands, have everything filled out (pack a pen with you before you leave), and ready to go when you land. It just makes everything move faster. Just imagine, you land, and then have to wait for a while as anyone you are with takes their time filling out paperwork and you end up missing your shuttle, that would stink.

Have a plan – This kind of brings it all together, just simply have a plan. If you are booking everything ahead of time, have your paperwork in order (remember, you may not have internet when you land, so pulling up the confirmation email may not be an option). If you are grabbing everything when you land at the airport, make sure you have the time or you could be waiting in a lot of lines getting everything together before you head into Tokyo.

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