Visiting Harukas 300

Harukas 300 is an amazing, modern office building in the heart of downtown Osaka. It is also home to one of the most amazing observation decks in all of Japan that gives tourists breath-taking views of the Osaka skyline and surrounding countryside.

Harukas 300 is a large, multipurpose commercial facility that is surrounded by its multiple annexes. The largest building is the Harukas buildings which is 300 meters tall, making it the largest skyscraper in all of Japan (opened in 2014). At 300 meters, it clocks in at a staggering 60 stories (all the way up!).

Harukas a beautiful, modern building that feels like you are entering a spaceship when you walk in due to all of the white, modern tiles and neon lights and illuminate the main hall.

The observation decks is open from 10 AM to 8 PM (check times before you visit the observation deck) and costs about 1500 Yen to get to the very top.

The observation deck is large, allowing for people to spread out and get views of the city from all sorts of angles (from the bay to the mountains in the distance). There is a gift shop, a small restaurant (really just has treats, so not a big meal option) and there is even an option to walk outside but it’s an extra cost because it is a different kind of tour, but again, look into this because of all of the restrictions.

I would recommend getting to the tower right before sunset so you can pick a spot to watch the beautiful sunset over Osaka Bay (but be prepared for a lot of people to have the same idea though). It is a great way to either end a day or begin an evening in the city.

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