Exploring Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree is the largest observation deck in all of Japan and is a must see while exploring Tokyo. Don’t let the threat of crowds (during normal times) scare you away, it is worth the trip and money to get some of the most incredible views of the Tokyo area.

Built in 2012 and in the heart of Asakusa, Tokyo Skytree towers over the Tokyo skyline at an impressive 634 meters high. The observation deck is also a large TV broadcast tower for the Tokyo area, replacing the shorter Tokyo Tower (Tokyo Tower is still a back-up tower if needed).

The first observation deck, the Tembo Deck, checks in at 350 meters high and offers some of the most incredible views of the Japanese skyline you will ever see. The other deck, the Tembo Gallery, checks in at 450 meters and can be accessed inside the deck, but it does cost a few more dollars to get up to the higher level of the deck, so keep that in mind when you purchase your tickets.

To reach the observation deck you will need to enter the 4th floor before you take the elevator up (which is a fun ride with incredible lights to keep you entertained as you ride on up). You will even feel your ears pop when you ride the elevator to the top, that is how high up you will be going to reach the top of the tower.

Tokyo Skytree is open from 9 AM to 21:00 and costs 3200 Yen to get into the first observation deck and 4200 Yen to get up to the very upper deck but make sure to check ahead for times and prices because times and regulations do change, so do your research before you head to the tower.

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