Longest tour I had in Japan

I have had some great experiences and tours while visiting Japan, but I have also had some bad ones as well. This is the longest/worst tour I have had in Japan and all of the parts that led to it.

This long/worst tour was a full day tour to Mt. Fuji’s 5th station, lunch (in Hakone), and then a cable car ride up to Mt. Komagatake to see the Hakone area. It all sounded great when booking the tour and was a good bargain at the time, but the results were less than desirable.

The day started cold and rainy and would be that way from start to finish. The tour took forever to reach Mt. Fuji due to weather and traffic, which I knew going into, but just felt longer than it should have been (spending half of your day on a bus is not fun). Then of course, we could not see the elusive mountain from any of the stations and had to cut trek up Mt. Fuji part of the tour early, turning the bus around because of fog (which took out about half of the daily tour).

If you are going to see Mt. Fuji, you will have to keep this in mind because weather always seems to make it impossible to see the mountain.

The lunch was then terrible (at a hotel near Fuji Q) as it was cold by the time we arrived and we were rushed the moment we sat down. I should have packed something from the konbini before leaving for this tour. There was a couple that ordered a drink but had to leave it as it took too long to be served and by the time it was, the tour was heading towards the bus again.

The tour then went on a short boat cruise which was fine before we arrived at the old cable car that led to the top of Mt. Komagatake which was interesting but again, the weather was miserable. The cable car was also old and a little sketchy, which was not great for any that was anxious and afraid of heights (waves hand). Most of the area was a little dated, which was a little disappointing to see in the Hakone area (or at least the part we saw).

On top of the mountain, the wind was brutal and the rain began to hit again. The only shelter was the cable car house and after about a few minutes of exploring, that is where I stayed to escape the wind.

The worst part was coming back into Tokyo and hitting traffic that caused us to be over 2 hours late getting to our stopping point which was the wrong train station. It was just a long and miserable day that left me tired, cold, and hungry and far from my hotel (I was dropped off in Ginza and was staying in Roppongi, that is not that close if you know how the city is laid out).

If you ever have a full day tour that will be heading to Mt. Fuji and then back into Tokyo, be prepared. You may not see the mountain, the food could be less than great (even if it is at a really nice hotel), and it is going to eat up a lot of time just sitting around on a bus. Plan accordingly!

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