Best Tour I had in Tokyo

After the longest (and probably the worst) tour I have ever had in Japan, I should talk about the best tour I have ever had. It took place in 2019 and was probably some of the most fun I have had while visiting this incredible country.

The best tour I have ever had in Japan was a night tour of the Shinjuku and Shibuya areas with our guide named Yoshi (Air BnB Experience). Yoshi joined a group of us in the Shinjuku area and we then began the izakaya tour by heading down Memory Lane and stopping at several places along the way to both eat some unique foods and of course, have a few beverages along the way.

We tried several different foods along the way like fried wagyu on a stick and my new favorite, tsukune, which is a chicken meatball and a life changing experience that everyone needs to have. I also learned about some new drinks like Shochu and had a few Highballs along the way (Japan loves their Whiskey).

The night ended with us making our way to Golden Gai and stopping at a local bar and even stopping for some time to talk with some locals (they were pretty inebriated at the time so it was pretty funny) and then on to more drinks along the way. I still can’t believe how small those bars in the Golden Gai area and wonder how many are still open during these strange Covid days (when social distancing is not a reality when it comes to those bars).

Our guide even was kind enough to help people find their way into the evening. Some wanted to go to a karaoke and he made sure they found a good price. Yoshi even walked with us as we headed to the train station and made sure we were on the right path back to Roppongi (after a long night of eating and drinking, it was very welcomed). It was the best night I have probably ever had while in Japan. It was a chill, easy going tour just drinking and eating along the way. It was a great way to explore some of the Tokyo nightlife.

If you are ever able to book a tour, make sure to find one that explores both the nightlife of Tokyo and its incredible food and drink, it will be worth the price tag.

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