Important tips for long flights

After two international trips and various other connecting long flights across the United States, I have learned a few things over the years to survive a long flight. Here are some of my tips to survive a long flight that you may find useful the next time you take to the skies to travel (when it safe again to travel around the world).

Get up and move! – The first step to surviving a long flight is to get up, stretch, and move around. Sitting in an uncomfortable seat for a lot of hours is not only uncomfortable, but also unhealthy for your body. You need to move and allow the blood to circulate better throughout your body. So get up, walk up and down the aisle once or twice, it will help you feel better and might even kill some time in the process.

Stay hydrated – A key to long flights is to stay hydrated. This has two benefits. First, it will help you stay healthy. Staying hydrated is good in general, will help your sinuses (since we all get stuffy noses when we fly, want to avoid getting sick), and will help feel human. Second, by drinking water, it will force you to use the rest room, meaning you have to get up, which leads back to the first point. And we all have heard the stories about how not to drink the coffee on planes since the water systems on board can be gross, so bring your own bottle of water. Get one or two in the airport, fill up a bottle before getting on, or usually they will serve you water out of a large bottle. However you get it, get and stay hydrated!

Stay healthy – Planes are full of germs, so take precautions when you fly. Wipe down your seat and tray with antibacterial wipes. Wear a mask if you need to. Take vitamin C because it helps your immune system stay strong. Wash your hands a lot (not just hand sanitizer, soap and water are key). The last thing you want to do when flying is to catch something before you land at your destination. Staying healthy is even more important these days after the pandemic has changed everything around the world.

Sleep! – This is my biggest issue, getting sleep on the plane. When flying international, you are going to be jet lagged due to the time difference. The best way to fight this is to sleep on the plane so your body is at least rested when you land and then can adjust to the local time even faster. Get an eye mask, ear plugs, etc., whatever it takes to get some rest. I have learned this the hard way and have landed in Japan with no sleep and have felt like a zombie just trying to get to the shuttle.

Don’t get drunk – Your first thought when going on vacation is to party it up and have a drink, well this is not a good idea. Alcohol can actually be a bad thing while flying because it tends to hit a lot quicker due to the air pressure difference and can really impair you faster than before. Plus, if you are drunk, the chances are you could cause an issue, getting you kicked off the plane (which leads to a whole lot of problems beyond missing a flight). So stay sober, save the money, and drink once you have reached your destination.

So these are some basic things I do to survive a long flight (or any flight in general). What are some things you do to survive a long flight? Let me know, leave a comment and tell me any thing you do to make a long flight bearable.

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