Must have apps for Japan

When I travel to Japan I always make sure to have the best apps on my phone before I even head to the airport (always be prepared). Here are some of the top ones I always use and recommend for your travels. 

AirBnB – Whether you are booking a house or a room or an experience, having the app is the best way to go. It allows you to easily message your host, find addresses, and book new places to go or see. There are other tour sites like Viator that are also great, but I feel everyone knows and uses AirBnB and this is no different in Japan. 

Tokyo Metro – If you are struggling to figure out how to get around the Tokyo Subways, this is a great app to download and have. It will help you find the best routes, how to connect between different lines, and then will help you determine the cost to get around the subways. Just take a quick look at the subways and you will quickly realize you need this on your phone.

Hyperdia – If you are taking a bullet train and need information on times, platforms, etc. then Hyperdia is the best app for it. It is especially useful if you are using a JR Rail Pass as you can sort out which trains you are eligible to ride on to find the best times to head to the train station. 

Google Maps – Seems simple enough, but this is the best map app in the business. It gives you the best directions and times when exploring Japan. And I have found that if you are planning a trip in advance and want to research subway stations and trains before even boarding the plane to Japan, it does a great job of helping you find the stations, rail lines and costs in just a simple search. It’s one of the best ways to both travel and plan for a trip. 

GuruNavi – This app is a big help if you are trying to find a restaurant that has to check a few boxes like an English menu or non-smoking. It will help you find the best place and allows you to also search for the particular food you are after as well. Need to find that one English-speaking yakitori spot in Asakusa, then use this app and you should be all set. 

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