Great things about Tokyo

When you think of Japan, the first city that comes to mind is Tokyo. The sprawling capital of Japan is breathtaking and a lot to take in when you first visit, making it either a must see for travelers (or a place many can’t wait to escape because of its insanity). Here are five reasons why I love the city and can’t get enough of it.

Old and new – Tokyo is an incredible mixture of both the old ways with historic shrines to the new, modern age with places like Tokyo Skytree. It has a little bit something for everyone, no matter what you are looking for. You can visit a place that is hundreds of years old and full of history to a place just 20 minutes and find a talking robot. It is a city of incredible contrasts. 

Options for dining – Japan has so many incredible types of food for any diet or budget and with over 20 Michelin star restaurants throughout the Tokyo area, there is always a great food place to find in the city. From quick, fast-food style ramen at Ichiran to sushi restaurants that require bookings a year in advance, you will find whatever you want in Tokyo. Just make sure to bring your appetite and your wallet.

Central hub – Tokyo is the hub and almost the de facto gateway to the rest of Japan. You will likely fly in and out of either Narita or Haneda airports and will find your shinkansen trains at Tokyo Station. The city is built for it, making it a great place to start your journey or to get lost and spend endless days discovering everything it has to offer. It is a perfect place to start or end a journey to to complete a journey on its own.

Always in motion – I love a city that is alive and always moving, never wasting a second to move and captivate and that is Tokyo. While most towns are in bed by 10 PM, Tokyo is just coming to life with its neon signs and never ending places to eat, drink, and entertain. If you want to see a vibrant nightlife or just want to see a city that always has something going on, Tokyo is the place to visit. There is always something changing, moving, bringing life and energy that is hard to find.

Modern marvel – There is no city quite like Tokyo. It’s huge, always hustling about, and the way of life is like no other. I live in a smaller town and am in shock when I see the towering buildings, network of rail lines, and crowds of people. Even if you have been to New York City or other large cities, they still can’t hold a candle to the modern marvel that is Tokyo. There is no other city quite like it.

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